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Network Monitoring

Monitor and Protect your Network

Pinpoint vulnerable points within your network and stop threats

Secure physical and virtual desktops

Secure both physical and virtual endpoints with immediate protection against the latest threats by utilizing leading malware protection and cloud-based global threat intelligence. Optional modules allow instant deployment of data loss prevention, Mac protection, and virtual patching to shield vulnerabilities against zero-day threats.

  • Secure file servers, PCs, laptops, and virtualized desktops
  • Protect against data loss and theft
  • Lower resource usage
  • Shield vulnerabilities with optional virtual patching
  • Block Command & Control communications
  • Expand protection as needed


Mid Valley IT provides network, server, and system monitoring for organizations. With our monitoring software organizations will be able to see system overloads and possible oncoming outages, and will be able to react in time to prevent any downtime or data loss!

Assets and data make up an organizations entire worth, protecting it and monitoring it should be a NEED not a want. Taking steps in preventing system downtime not only  keeps the organization in production, it maintains a reliable work flow throughout!

Using our monitoring software will accomplish these tasks for any company or organization. This keeps our clients happy and secure, which makes us happy!


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