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The Challenge

The increasingly complex blend of on premise and cloud based computer systems used by modern organizations, myriad legal requirements, and the challenges of  production and storage of massive amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) have made incident response and legal preservation and production more daunting and expensive than ever before.

We understand that. It’s our job to.

The Solution

All you have to understand is that whether you have had a network security breach, are being sued, have received a preservation letter, or need to preserve information on a computer or cell phone because one of your employees has been sending harassing messages or pictures of their naughty places to others on company time, we are going to spend the time to go through with you step by step your responsibilities, legal requirements and options for dealing with the situation.


Of companies had some form of data breach last year


Of U.S. adults that had their information stolen


Of cyber crimes go unreported


Of employees commit data theft

From computer theft to network intrusions, we can help!

System Compromised

If you have a computer stolen, a network intrusion or your system has been compromised in any way it is the law in the State of California that you do your due diligence to determine if your customers or employees information has been acquired by an unauthorized person.



With data being every where on multiple platforms these days, its important to be able to retrieve that data at any given time. We specialize in many kinds of e-discovery from exchange emails to mobile phones and tablets.


Security. What happens after a breach?

Its important that after a breach is identified and secured, that measures are put in place to prevent something from happening again. With our vast experience in the forensic field we’ve developed best practices that ensure a more stable and safe network and infrastructure.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is different than other firms. We know that network intrusions, legal matters and employee issues are some of the most sensitive and stressful issues a company can deal with. We take a calm, logical and patient approach to these issues. We provide you with the information and resources necessary to help minimize the damage and drama while controlling cost and allowing you to move forward in your operations. When you have an issue we should be the first people you call, because if working together we handle these issues right, we can also be the last.

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